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Dianic Boutique Blog. Here are Dianic Boutique we are a unique online clothing store for women to buy bohemian clothing in the UK, but we also care about the environment and ethics behind clothing production. We only have a few categories and only a small selection of clothing per category to help reduce clothing going to landfill.    I update this blog regularly per week. I cover aspects of fashion and trends that interest me and my boutique, write about wellness and positivity, discuss sustainability within fashion, keep you updated with many changes at the boutique.

sustainability and fashion

Sustainability and Fashion

Clothing Decisions Mindful We have all gotten progressively mindful of the effect of our clothing decisions has on sustainability and whether our choices contribute to

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Sustainability at Dianic Boutique is important to us. As a boutique we are an advocator of slow fashion and reject fast fashion. Fast fashion leads to excess energy in production of clothing and leads to a wasteful end to a lot of clothing. With so many garments being sent out to landfill. We help with reducing waste by using recyclable packaging and we have several product lines such as Reuse and Rewear Rewear and Vintage Dianic  which provides a 2nd life to these clothes.

Our Boutique is your one-stop-shop for bohemian, boho, hippy clothing, specialising in fashion with unique personality, an exciting alternative to the high street.


We are a follower of slow fashion we do not hold a lot of stock and we have only several categories so that we do not contribute to clothes being sent to landfill. Here at   Dianic Boutique wants you to love your clothes for longer, check out my blog post on how to care for you clothes. Also please consider donating your clothes that you do not want.

Dianic boutique is a unique boutique offering gorgeous, unusual bohemian clothing. Our collection of beautiful boho clothes is created with love especially for women like you and me. Dianic are 100% online, offer a fantastic bohemian fashion site and great offers on boho clothing.

We sell an ever-changing range of gorgeous trendy pants and jeans, hippy shirts, festival tees and versatile boho dress flowing dresses and pretty boho skirts, hippie shirts . As well as blouses and funky unique tops, many with stunning hand-embroidered detailing. Explore my boutique to buy bohemian clothing in the UK!